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Soil Products

We provide fill dirt and both screened and unscreened topsoil to suit a range of requirements. For enhancing your flower beds, planters or any other area where look and texture are important, our premium screened topsoil is ideal. You are left with loose, nutrient-rich soil that is suitable for planting after it has been sifted to remove big pieces, pebbles, twigs and other trash.

In addition to improving water drainage, the screening process oxygenates the soil, which promotes the growth of flowers, vegetables and other plants' roots. The screened topsoil has also become more abundant with helpful microorganisms because of the soil being turned over and exposed to air. The transfer of nutrients from organic matter and minerals into a form that plant roots can readily absorb is aided by this biologic process.

For other jobs, our unscreened topsoil is another solution. While not sifted, our unscreened soil retains good texture and nutrients to support plant life. We recommend unscreened topsoil for spreading over a lawn, filling in low areas of your yard, or leveling ground in preparation for seeding grass or laying sod.

Lastly, you may use our multipurpose fill dirt to fill in holes or depressions in the landscape or to build up the base beneath garden beds because it is a blend of sand, silt and clay particles. Fill dirt compacts nicely and offers a cost-effective way to sculpt or raise certain areas of your yard.