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Keeping walkways, driveways and steps clear of snow and ice buildup during winter is crucial for maintaining safe access and preventing injuries. While salt effectively melts snow and ice, traditional rock salt can be damaging over time to outdoor surfaces, vegetation and pets’ paws.

We offer pet-safe ice melt to suit all families, not only those with pets. The salt is specially designed to be safer for pets who walk across treated areas.

All our pet-safe ice-melting products come pre-bagged for convenience. Our ice melt products utilize formulations that promote quick melting, as well. The bags allow you to use only what you need and store the rest, eliminating product waste so you can stock up for the winter according to your property's needs.

Use our application guidelines printed right on the label to determine ideal coverage for your driveway, walks and steps based on outside temperatures and measured areas. Proper use ensures safe, effective melting all season long. Choose the right blend of performance and safety to protect your whole family this winter at DL Supply. Don't risk slips and falls or damage to your landscape; stay safe this season with our convenient, pet-approved ice melters.