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Crushed Aggregates / Slag

When constructing a new driveway, patio or other surface, it’s important to build a high-quality base beneath the top layer. We offer several excellent crushed aggregate materials that compact tightly and provide years of structural support. Two great options are slag and crushed concrete #304.

Slag has an angular texture and properties like natural stone aggregates. Slag can be further processed into smaller, sand-like particles known as slag fines, which is the type we carry.

Another aggregate option is crushed. We offer #304 crushed concrete. Well-graded sizes like this allow the crushed concrete to compact together very densely, locking firmly in place. In many cases, #304 crushed concrete performs equal to or better than virgin limestone or gravel materials. Both slag and concrete aggregates offer advantages in the base layers beneath driveways and building foundations. Contact us to determine which option may work best for your upcoming project.